1 Story Garages in the Triangle

If you have a huge heart but are limited on space, we have the best solution for you: a Carolina Custom-built 1-story garage. These are one of our most popular garages because they provide a lot of space for the money without having to break the bank. Speaking of money, we can even provide financing if you need it.

Most folks like to park their vehicles in a garage – and their lawn mowers, pop-up tents or grandkids’ toys. So a 1-story garage built by the finest Carolina garage builders around usually does the trick. They’re simple to lay out, real easy to build, and hassle-free to maintain. These garages have so much room that you may even consider parking your landscaping equipment outside and bring your TV, easy chair and refrigerator into your new ‘man cave’. We’ll even frame in an extra window if you want to invest in one of those fancy window air conditioning units.

We offer many garage options and, don’t worry, we won’t try to upsell you into adding things you don’t want. We’ve been building garages for over 30 years and have managed to build over 3,000 of them – all kinds such as 1-story, 2-story, 3-car and even 4-car garages. Folks love our garages because they’re stick-built, from the ground up, on-site and usually cost less than one of those pre-fab garages. If you’re retired – or bored – you’re more than welcome to watch our crews build your new garage. Just don’t ask us for a hammer – our insurance company may not like it.

For more pictures of garage plans, click here to see drawings of our base models. Call us today or contact us online and we’ll come out to you, look at your lot, discuss your plans, and come up with a firm, written quote for your 1 story garage.

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“My garage /shop /studio turned out great. The workmanship was good and the price was fair. Stu was nice to work with and although there were some issues, they absolutely did the right thing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these guys if you need a garage.”

David Geter

“Hurricane Matthew cam through and tore down my old garage…There was no one else to call but Stu Daughtry and Carolina Custom Builders. The came out the day I called them. They gave me a good price!”
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“This is our new addition/hobby room workshop created by Carolina Custom Builders…The entire building is 44 feet wide!”
(Video Testimonial)


“Many thanks for the awesome job you did building our garage. It has been my husband’s dream for 11 years and you all did a fabulous job! He loves it (and I got to keep my tree…thank you for working around it)…”

Zach and Elred

“Allen and his crew did a great job. I appreciate the advice and how easily he is to get up with. He guided me through the permit fiasco and kept me calm. It’s definitely worth the savings using Carolina Custom vs a Turn Key builder. You actually learn a thing or two in the process. I appreciate ya’ll’s flexibility in making this a “custom” garage. It looks like it was built when the house was…”

B. Metcalf